FSC Meal Swipe Petition

Here are items you can’t buy with $3.77 on campus: a small Thai tea from Lollicup, an order of fries from Carl’s Jr, a bagel with cream cheese from Cafe 451, a taco from Rubio’s, a hot chocolate from Kerckhoff Coffee House, anything from Panda Express and Veggie Grill…and the list goes on!

Meal swipes can currently be traded for on campus vouchers valued at $3.77. This current value is not enough for purchasing a full meal and is much lower than the actual value of one swipe. Because of this, FSC is reviving student efforts to increase the meal swipe voucher offered to students that live on the Hill. Help us make UCLA more affordable and accessible – take our meal swipe petition: tinyurl.com/fscmealswipe

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